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( Tomato Extract)

Our supply of Lycopene is an all-natural extract of red,ripe GMO-free tomatoes. Lycopene is valued as a functional food ingredient for its powerful character of anti-oxidation carotenoid. Lycopene also helps prevent prostate and other cancers, heart disease, and it may prevent macular from degeneration and protect skin from sunlight damage.
M.Formula   :  C40H56
1.How Lycopene reduce risk of cancer?

Oxidative stress is recognized as one of the major contributors of increased risk of cancer, and in chemical assays, Lycopene is the most potent antioxidant among various common carotenoids. Lycopene can
trap singlet oxygen, quench free radical and reduce mutagenesis in the Ames test.

Chart 1. Lycopene shows the strongest antioxidant activity
2.Health benefits
  • Powerful anti-oxidation and free radical scavenging function
  • Preventing breast cancer, prostate cancer, alimentary canal cancer
  • Decreasing incidence of skin cancer and bladder cancer
  • Improving immune function
  • Reducing serum LDL cholesterol oxidation and preventing cardiovascular disease
  • Medicine material
    Function as anticancer product Prevent aging
  • Healthy food and cosmetic additives
    Act as antioxidant Act as natural color Function in carotenoid composite product Protect skin from sun damage
    Chart 2. The inhibitory effects of Lycopene on the growth of KB-1 human oral cancer cells
    Appearance Red to deep red fine powder,or micro-encapsulated granule
    Odor Characteristic
    Moisture ≤0.5%
    Lycopene Content by HPLC ≥5.0% ,10.0% and 20%


    5kg or 25kg in fiber drum with lining.

    6.Shelf Life
    Two years when properly stored


    Store in tightly sealed container below 30ºC.

    Keep away from strong and direct light,and moisture.


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