HUMAN HEALTH & NUTRITION — Plant/Herb Extracts
Chinese herb extract is recognized as such a product that contains high-powered functional and nutritional factors beneficial for improving human immunity,building strength and energy, adjusting blood and interstinal micro-environment, weight-loss,and a lot of more. Today, they are widely used as active supplements in functional food or health food.
Product Name Plant Origin Specification
Astragalus P.E. Astralis membranaceus Bge Astragaloside 0.3% HPLC
Polysaccharides 70% UV
Bilberry P.E. Vaccinium myrtillus Anthocyanidins 25% HPLC
Citrus Aurantium P.E Citrus aurantium Synephrine 4%,6%,10%,30% HPLC
Dong Quai P.E. Angelica arcangalicah Ligustilide 1.0% HPLC
Echinacea Purpurea P.E. Echinacea purpurea Phenilcs 4% UV
Epimedium P.E. Epimedium sagittatum maxim / granduflorum Icarrin 3%,5%,10%,20% HPLC
Ginger P.E. Zingiber officinale Gingerols 5% HPLC/GC
Ginkgo Biloba P.E. Ginkgo Biloba Leave 24%/6%,Ginkgo acid <1ppm HPLC
water soluble,fat soluble
Grape Seed P.E. Vitis Vinifera L. Proanthocyanidins 95% UV
Green Tea Extract Camelliae sinensis Tea polyphenols 95% by UV
Gynostemma P.E. Gynostemma Bl. Gypenosides 90% UV
Garlic Extract   A llicin 1.0% - 1.5%
Horsetail P.E. Equisetum arvense Organic silica 7% HPLC/td>
Pine Bark P.E. Pinus Linn. Proanthocyanidins 95% UV
Red Yeast Rice P.E. Monascus puroureus Lovastatin 0.4%,1.0%,1.5% HPLC
Reishi P.E. Gynoderma Lucidum Triterpens 4% HPLC
Polysaccharides 12.5% UV
Soybean Isoflavone Glycine Max (L.) Merr 10%,20%,40% HPLC
St.John's Wort P.E. Hypericum perforatum L. Hypericin 0.3% UV
Tribulus Terrestris P.E. Tribulus terrestris Saponin 20%,40% HPLC
White Willow Bark P.E. Salix alba L. Salicin 15% HPLC
Panax Gingseng P.E. Panax Gingseng Ginsenosides 10%-80% HPLC
Rice bran Oil Extract --- Octacosanol 60%,80%,95%
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