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Shark Cartilage powder

Shark Cartilage Powder (SCP) is cryogenically ground powder from fins of the shark (species Prionace Glauca in particular).The major compounds in shark cartilage are proteoglycans and glycoproteins (large molecules with protein and carbohydrate components), as well as protein and calcium salts. It is now widely recommended as a dietary supplement..

1.Benefits and Indication

Shark cartilage has been in use since 1950s as a treatment of inflammation,as a natural analgesic and as a natural remedy for reduced mobility and discomfort of the joints.Anecdotal reports suggest consumers have derived relief from a wide range of other symptoms such as psoriasis.


The therapeutic effect of SCP powder has been proved by massive scientific studies and researches hence widely promoted:

  • To promote the recovery of cartilage: SCP reduces the inflammation of joint, repair the damaged joint and restrain the degeneration of joint.
  • To enhance the immunity ability: SCP is apprarently effective for reducing pains in low back and legs, shoulder periarthritis and joints, preventing the hyperosteogeny, disc protrusion, rheumatic arthritis, joints pain and etc.
  • Benefit connected to the tumor: SCP controls the new growth and spread of harmful vas by inhibiting angiogenisis (a complex process of new blood vessel formation).
    Appearance White fine powder
    Protein 20%-40%


    (Chondroitin sulfate)


    25% (from fins)
    Carbohydrates NLT 10.0%
    Heavy metals Pass the test
    Microbiological control Pass the test
    Particle size 10-50 micron

    Micro granules (20-80 mesh) are also available upon customer’s private request, for tablet compressing or capsule filling.

    20KG/drum with double PE lining.
    4.Shelf Life

    3 years since the manufacturing date in original package.



    Tightly sealed in a cool and dry place.

    Among the 1200 types of sharks, only Cetorhinus, Whale shark, Great white shark and Saw sharks are listed in the Appendix II of CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, limiting the international trading of these sharks). According to the statistical data from FAO of the United Nations, the annual volume of harvested shark fluctuates between 0.7 and 0.8 million tons in recent years.

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