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Fish Oil

Fish oils contain the omega-3 fatty acids  EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), precursors that are now known to reduce inflammation in the body, and have other health benefits, such as treating hypertriglyceridemia.


It’s today marketed and sold for consumption as part of the diet or in dietary supplements in contemporary societies.

Our supply of Fish Oils are produced by our associated manufacturer Jiangsu Aoqi Marine Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (Jiangsu Aoqi for short) who is a pionner manufacturer of omega-3 fish oil concentrates in China.

Based on advanced fatty acid purification and separation technology, Jiangsu Aoqi produces in line with pharmacopeias and other international standards. Today, the company ranks number One in China in crude fish oil processing capacity.


In 2010, Jiangsu Aoqi introduced an automatic softgel production line from Korea to meed daily increasing OEM demands for softgel products. ​​


The core processing technology and equipment Jiangsu Aoqi owns is molecular distillation which purifies and separates DHA, EPA, linolenic acid and other unsaturated fatty acids.


Molecular distillation technology processes fish oil at low separation temperature, with short heating time and high operating vacuum.It avoids pyrocondensation and oxidative deterioration and protects natural quality and properties of fish oil.


Molecular distillation can effectively remove low molecular substances in liquid, such as substances contributing to smell in the raw fish oil, and minimize the content of heavy metals and pesticide residue.

Molecular distillation can adjust the proportion of DHA and EPA in the fish oil according to requirement, so as to enhance the products specificity and functionality.

The separation process of molecular distillation is a physical one, it protects substances being separated from pollution and infringement and thus guarantee the pure natural characteristics of the products well maintained.


Products are available in Ethyl Ester (EE) type and Triglyceride (TG) type in regular specification listed as below:

 80% DHA  70% EPA
 70% DHA  60% EPA + 12% DHA
 60% DHA + 12% EPA  50% EPA + 25% DHA
 50% DHA + 20% EPA  50% EPA + 20% DHA
 50% DHA + 25% EPA  50% EPA + 10% DHA
 50% DHA + 10% EPA  45% EPA + 25% DHA
 40% DHA + 30% EPA  40% EPA + 30% DHA
 40% DHA + 20% EPA  40% EPA + 20% DHA
 40% DHA + 10% EPA  33% EPA + 22% DHA
 35% DHA + 25% EPA  36% EPA + 24% DHA
 30% DHA + 20% EPA  30% EPA + 20% DHA
 25% DHA + 5% EPA  18% EPA + 12% DHA


* Other concentration with EPA/DHA ration are available at the customer’s request. The accumulative percentage of EPA plus DHA can reach up to 90%.

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