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Ruminants present unique nutrition challenges because the rumen environment destroys susceptible nutrients such as choline,lysine,methionine and nicotinic acid. Our state of the art encapsulation technology allows nutrients to bypass the rumen for delivery to the small intestine for absorption,which combined with a balanced diet,can improve the quantity produced as well as the quality characteristics of milk in protein and fat.

  • Rumen bypass
  • Intestinal digestibility
  • Slow release
  • High stability
    Product Name Spec. Benefits Target Species
    DL-Methionine 60% Increase milk protein level and milk yield; Balance amino acid ration, Improve feed intake, ADG and feed conversion rate.Prevent the problem of ketosis. Increase fertility rate and improve reproductive performance. Diary cow,meat cattle, sheep and goat
    L-Lysine 25%,60% Improve milk yield and quality;Increase nitrogen conversion rate.Prevent and treat clinical and sub-clinical ketosis Diary cow,meat cattle,sheep and goat
    Choline Chloride 25% Protect the liver from steatosis;Increase the milk yield and improve milk quality; Prevent and treat clinical and sub-clinical ketosis Diary cow,meat cattle, sheep and goat
    Nicotinic Acid 65% Vitamin supplement,help cattle handle heat stress,beneficial for better production and/or reproduction. Diary cow,sheep and goat
    Urea 80% Increasing rumen function and feed conversion rate by balancing the numbers and activity of rumen ‘bugs’ . Increase the intake of dry roughage and reduce the rate of live weight loss. Diary cow,meat cattle, sheep

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