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Pellet Binder

Manufacturer ISO9002 certified

When feeds exposed to water, they fall apart and deteriorate, then not only costly ingredients were wasted, but the feed residue pollute pond bottoms that leads to extra problems.


"Water stability" is a unique requirement shrimp feed producers face, that is how to maintain the integrity of pelletized feeds in an aquatic environment.
Magicoh Pellet Binder provides a cost efficient solution to your binding requirements, which improves the water resistance of your shrimp feed and finally improves your return on investment, and minimize pollution problems related with feed residue.

Magicoh Pellet Binder is a spray-dried urea-formaldehyde resin in powder form. Field tests and over-30-years experience have proved the product:

  •   • Improve water stability of aquatic feed.
  •   • Low inclusion so save more space for precious ingredients.
  •   • Reduce dust and feed losses.
  •   • Reduce trucking and storage cost.
  •   • Long shelf life up to 12 months.


Magicoh Pellet Binder can also be used in poultry,swine and cattle feeds,either pelletized,cubed or blocked, to improve integrity and reduce dust.


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