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Cysteamine is a component of co-enzyme A and works as a physiological regulator. Cysteamine hydrochloride,in animal industry, has below effects:


  • Reduce the concentration of somatostatin in the body, and increase the concentration of GH indirectly, thus accelerating animal growth;
  • Enhance the activities of digestive enzymes and improve feed efficiency;
  • Enhance the immunity, protect cell membrane from the attack of free radicals.
  • Increase lean meat and improve carcass quality
    Now it has been used for improving the feed efficiency of immature or growing, monogastric, meat - producing animals, especially in swine or poultry by increasing intramuscular collagen.
    Composition and Presentation Physical property
    Cysteamine HCL : White granule
    Solubility :Soluble in water.
    Highly stable with microcapsule technology.
    Dust free and easy for use
    Molecular structure:
    Molecular formula: C2H7NS﹒HCL
    Cysteamine HCL 50% (each kilogram premix contains Cysteamine Hydrochloride 500gram)
    1.Recommended dosage and Administration
    It is recommended to be mixed into finishing feed at below rate (g per ton of complete feed)
      Swine Poultry Cow and Beef
    Starting phase 100-150 60 300-500
    Growing phase 150-250 70-80
    Finishing phase 200-300 100

    25kg in fiber drum.



    24 months.


    Stored in dry and cool place

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