27-29 Mar,2018 Participating VCTAM/FIAAP ASIA at Bangkok, Thailand

Entry Time:9-04-2018


VICTAM/FIAAP ASIA is a firmly established event dedicated to the animal feed processing, feed ingredients & additives industries within Asia region.


It is a perfect platform for us to meet the established and potential partners, and exchange information and ideas between partners and friends engaged in feed production business.


At our booth #D022,we displayed the following products:

Magicoh:  All purpose pellet binder

Tilmipro 200: Protected Tilmicosin (or phosphate salt) premix

Cys-Zymix   :  Protected Cysteamine HCL premix

Flordis 40/200: Coated Florfenicol premix

Vitadis E   : Series of  Vitamin E premix (Vitamin E 50% pwder, Vitamin E 50% water dispersible, Vitamin AD3E and Vitamin E+Se)

Rumendis : Rumen protected products of Methionine,Lysine,Nicotinic Acid,Choline Chloride and Urea.


Thank you all so much for your kind visiting. We shall follow up with the queries the visitors have left and hope to develop new business relationships for mutual benefits.




Products Recommended
— Plant/Herb Extracts
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